Medication Management

in Warwick, NY

Finding the right medication for your mental health needs can seem like a never-ending trial-and-error situation. Primary care physicians and family doctors may not always have the time or experience necessary to handle every nuance of mental health medication management. Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners are highly experienced and have specialized training in providing this critical care.

Compassionate Care | Achieve Wellness | Maintain Balance

Medication Management
Find Healing and Balance

  • Personalized and collaborative medication therapy management plan
  • Making the best decisions on the medications that work best for you
  • Increase medication adherence
  • Get on track to emotional and mental wellness
  • Improve therapeutic outcomes 
  • Reduce adverse drug interactions and problems resulting from changing medications, adjusting doses, or beginning new therapies 
  • Experience a happier, healthier life

Medication Management - An Overview

Getting your medications right is critical to your mental health and well-being. Apart from talk therapy, also provided here at Jade Medispa, medicines prescribed for your mental health often play a critical role in finding healing and balance and improving your outlook on life.

Medication management for emotional and mental health concerns involves a thorough assessment of your physical and mental health history, reviewing diagnosis, evaluating past and current medications, and looking at current treatment plans. Our goal is to make the best decisions regarding which medications work best for you.

We want you to be involved in your medication management plan. Make sure to ask questions and share any concerns. We want you to be comfortable and confident that you are on track to a happier, healthier life.

What Are the Benefits of Medication Management?

The primary purpose of medication management is to help you feel you are on track to emotional and mental wellness. There are numerous medications to choose from, and having an experienced provider will help ensure you get the best possible care. Moreover, if you’re taking more than one medication, our medication management expert is familiar with any drug interactions, so you’ll avoid problems stemming from changing medications, adjusting doses, or beginning new therapies.

All About Our Provider

Kathleen J Boyle

Kathleen J Boyle, DNP, PMHNP, FNP-C, is a board-certified Family and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner who has served in the outpatient setting for over two decades. As an advanced practice nurse, Kathleen excels in providing world-class patient-centered care. She continues to change the lives of those around her by helping them navigate their emotions to achieve a healthy balance. Our dedicated provider is here to support your health and mental wellness every step of the way!

Medication Management Near Me in Warwick, NY

If you or a loved one requires medication management, our team at Jade Medispa is here to help. Our highly experienced provider will formulate an effective medication therapy management plan to enhance your quality of life. We invite you to contact us at 845-537-5050 to schedule your appointment or request one online today!